TierraMitica Gate

TierraMitica Ayahuasca Healing and Research Center

TierraMítica is an Ayahuasca healing center, a Research Center into depression, happiness and humanity, an Art Therapy Center, and an experimental community situated in the beautiful unspoiled Fasaquihui gorge, 40 km from the city of Tarapoto, in the region of San Martín, the spectacular high jungle of Peru, pleasantly free due to the altitude of mosquitos and excessive heat and humidity, among primary forest and waterfalls.

It is the permanent home of the Mythic Voyage Ayahuasca Workshop, the most heavy duty, holistic, transformational workshop in the world, the Embrace the Medicine, an Ayahuasca retreat to achieve achieve clear insights and answers and the Choice OS workshop, a direct evolution of the incredible results of the Mythic Voyage. 

In TierraMitica, we experiment, research, and explore the effects of the psychotropic potion Ayahuasca, and investigate ways of connecting the experience with the complexities of western culture. We research the causes of depression and mental illnesses and syndroms like addictions, bipolarism, PTSD, ADD, and many more. We study the concept of happiness and the impediments that can stop us from achieving it and research the human psyche, how we function as human beings and how to overcome a lifetime of programming that does not serve us. We explore human belief systems and their role in every part of human existence, including their effect on the cognitive, physical, emotional and energetic levels of functionality.

We have created and are growing an experimental community to research into how we interact together as a social group in order to discover ways for people to live in community conflict free and we act as a promoter of visionary art and collective art, as healing and personal growth tools and we believe in pushing the boundaries of what we can do and achieve as a community and as individuals.

TierraMitica means Mythic Land, a homage to the mythic aspirations of our inner child left unfulfilled.

Listen to the theme song of TierraMitica and feel the vibe of our Paradise Dreamland!(All credit to Dani and Lars, 2Cute!)