TierraMitica Gate

TierraMitica Ayahuasca Healing and Research Center

TierraMítica is a Healing center, a Research center, an Art center and a community situated in the beautiful unspoiled Fasaquihui gorge, in the spectacular high jungle of Peru, pleasantly free due to the altitude of mosquitos and excessive heat and humidity, among primary forest and waterfalls 39 kms from Tarapoto, Peru. It is the permanent home of the transformative Mythic Voyage Ayahuasca Workshop and the Embrace the Medicine Ayahuasca Retreats.

If you are at a point in your life where you are no longer satisfied to live an ordinary life, however comfortable it may be – if you know that you would not want the rest of your life to be similar to what you have already lived – if you wish to dive all the way into your subconscious, confronting old wounds – if you have decided to deal with all the fears and anxieties that impede you from connecting with your mythical self – if you feel restricted from living your life to your full potential – if you are looking for a new vision and direction for your life, then the Mythic Voyage into the soul , the heart, the subconscious and the world we live in is your next adventure.

Listen to the theme song of TierraMitica and feel the vibe of our Paradise Dreamland!(All credit to Dani and Lars, 2Cute!)

Workshops & Ayahuasca Retreats

Our workshops and retreats are very different from each other, it is important to read carefully what they are and who they are for, in order to make a choice that corresponds with your intention.