Ayahuasca Retreat: Embrace the Medicine

For those who approach her with trust, with determination, with clarity on their purpose, and a focused intention, Ayahuasca has gifts beyond any possible expectation. The Embrace the Medicine is a fully guided Ayahuasca Retreat, with all the conditions for you to feel safe and comfortable in your spiritual exploration for personal growth, healing & search for answers. It is a guided process that gives you choice on how to spend each day.

We are based in Peru, South America, where the Ayahuasca has been used for thousands of years by indigenous people of the Amazon basin to produce a brew for medicinal, healing and spiritual purposes. We incorporate the ancient wisdom handed down through generations of Shipibo healers with the culture and psychology of the West, to provide the most powerful Ayahuasca ceremonies.

The Embrace the medicine gives you choice to be deciding day by day how deep you want to explore, on which subjects, for how long and how much free time you choose to have, without needing to pre-decide. Free time to rest, to absorb the insights and meditate, to do art therapy in our art studio, take yoga classes with one of our qualified yoga instructors, swim under the waterfall, or simply read, walk & feel nature. Embrace the Medicine also gives you a set number of 3 or 6 ceremonies, whereas in the Mythic Voyage the number of ceremonies is decided by the guide, since the emphasis is on the group work.

You have the ability to participate in optional consultations, to decide how much guidance you want, which issues you want to explore and how deep you want to go. The Ayahuasca is a navigable experience, so in our consultations, we will prepare you for ceremony by teaching you how to navigate the trip through a very precise and focused intention. This will ensure you get much more out of each ceremony compared to if you do not have an intention or if your intention is abstract or imprecise. The more effectively you navigate, the deeper you can go, resulting in meaningful revelations and insights on the issues you wish to explore.

The Ayahuasca communicates through the language of symbolism, same as dreams, so in our consultations and sharing circles we will decipher the visions and insights transmitted by your sub-conscious and help you fully understand what you lived during the previous night’s ceremony. This way you can gain clarity on each ceremony and guidance where to go for the next night so you can go even deeper. With our guidance, Embrace the Medicine can be a deeply profound and powerful healing experience.

In the Embrace the Medicine you can spend the available hours of the day taking advantage of absolutely everything TierraMitica has to offer. You can spend your days in our art studio (Chocopelli) creating an art project such as a painting, a sculpture, a carving or anything else you can imagine (Click here to read more about art at TierraMitica). We have three yoga instructors who are certified to teach Hatha and Vinyasa yoga. Our yoga teaches offer daily yoga classes, for the beginner and for the advanced. TierraMitica is situated on approximately 74 hectares (or 185 acres) of rainforest with plenty of land to explore and native wildlife to see. You can swim in our own natural swimming pool and waterfall, we have a river gorge which is a breeding ground for the giant blue morpho butterfly and a variety of hummingbird species which fly all around our land. We also have dozens of different species of wildlife including monkeys, sloths, ant-eaters parrots and birds of paradise to see.

Practical details


We offer 6 day (with 3 ceremonies) and 11 day (6 ceremonies) Ayahuasca retreats, so people are free to choose the intensity of their experience. The cost of the 6 day retreat is $880 and the cost of the 11 day retreat is $1,650 USD.

Included in this price:

  • Modern shared accommodation in a warm bed with cotton sheets, hot showers, drinkable natural spring water from every tap and real modern toilets. Find out more about our private lodging options at an extra cost.
  • Sharing circles offering guidance for your intentions and understanding the symbolism of the Ayahuasca.
  • All meals and drinks: we pride ourselves on providing the most gourmet and plentiful Ayahuasca diet, including fresh fruit juices and fresh home baked breads every day
  • 3 Ayahuasca ceremonies for the 6 day retreat and 6 Ayahuasca ceremonies for the 11 day retreat.
  • Cleansing Shipibo floral baths the day after ceremony to clean the energies and start a fresh
  • Art therapy to help process your Ayahuasca visions
  • An abundance of care, love and support. Our guides and hosting team create a bubble of total care and hospitality for everyone who comes to TierraMitica. All retreats are in English however our guides can speak French and Spanish also.
  • Traditional Shipibo energetic healing massages, when necessary as part of your journey
  • Acres of lush jungle to explore, including a waterfall and natural swimming pool
  • Optional guided meditation sessions
  • Optional activities such as fire pit dancing and drum circles, jungle walking, sand painting and other shamanic practices.
  • All transport to & from Tarapoto

Click here to find out more about ceremony, Ayahuasca, safety and the Shipibo.

“Magic is everywhere, magic is in the jungle, magic is in the symphony of thousand year old Icaros singing in the night, magic is in the embrace of Grandmother Ayahuasca, magic is in the drum, magic is in the body, magic is in the heart, magic is in having fun with life”

We work with small groups, so availability is limited, look for dates and register here or contact us for more information!