Be your own software programmer

Choice OS: A Self Programming Course for Humans

Choose who you want to be and transform yourself in a clear, doable, intuitive way!
Be your own software programmer!


A revolutionary new workshop for true life transformation through something clear, precise and tested, not just hype, promises and platitudes. The first ever workshop for human beings who want to learn how to be able to choose and fully control how they feel, think and react. A heavy duty intensive workshop dedicated to show people how to become the architects of their own software, how to determine who they are, instead of being defined by their genetics, upbringing, religion, parents and social environment. A workshop about how to become totally free not only of our provenance but also our life experiences, our traumas and our previous choices; an opportunity to be able to reinvent ourselves with a clean slate and every possible choice, including the hereto unimaginable ones. Our automatic thoughts, emotions, perceptions and reactions are defined by our beliefs. Every thought and feeling that enters our consciousness is filtered by our subconscious according to our beliefs, and these beliefs form automatic instructions for our bodies, same as lines of computer code define how a computer, an automated machine or a robot will act and react. Everything runs with an operating system that determines its functionality, and so do living beings: instinct, pre wired reactions, taught and mimicked reactions from progenitors, life experiences and the environment define every living being’s life experience. What makes every being run, are sets of engraved beliefs about what serves the purposes of survival and well being best. Human belief systems are transmitted and engraved primarily by receiving the belief systems of our parents and our environment and to a lesser degree through instinct and biology.

However, these inherited belief systems cause endless internal contradictions and distress; issues such as shame, guilt, duty, obligation, morality, judgment, evaluation of self-worth, sexual identity etc. depend on things beyond our control: other people’s beliefs. There was a time when everybody believed that the earth is flat, that women, animals and indigenous people had no souls, that a woman that has sex before marriage or actually enjoys it afterwards is a slut and a whore, and millions suffered through these realities much as billions are suffering from today’s belief systems, making depression and mental disorders the galloping illness of our era, soon to overcome heart disease as the number one killer and destroyer of well being in the world according to World Health Organization figures. It is time for the first Open Source, fully customizable Operating system for human beings, giving us the possibility to be our own programmers; to actively and freely choose who we want to be! An end to suffering, an open door to every choice!

The Choice OS workshop is a direct evolution of the incredible results of the Mythic Voyage, the world’s most effective heavy duty intensive life transformation Ayahuasca workshop, supported by a multitude of enthusiastic reviews and extraordinary transformation stories. After years of research the use of the Ayahuasca brew is no longer needed in the process: the vibration of Ayahuasca can now be fully transmitted and felt by everybody without the need to drink anything, but still allowing people to receive the same gifts, insights, answers, feelings. This way people are empowered: not only do they know that they don’t need a crutch to be able to have vision, to feel, to make choices, but they also learn how to recreate this vibration by themselves in their lives. The second benefit or a workshop without Ayahuasca is that a lot of time is made available to transmit more material, to go deeper into personal issues, to guide people through more dimensional doors, make more leaps toward their chosen direction during the 12 days.

The Choice OS workshop not only helps with depression, bipolarity, PTSD, lack of direction and inspiration, addictions, emotional numbness, anxiety, relationship problems, trauma etc. but it can transcend everything and fly much higher, allowing you to completely rewrite your internal software. The Choice OS workshop empowers us by gifting us the full spectrum of choice and control on who we are and who we want to be, it is a revolutionary way to transcend trauma, lack of self worth, unsatifactoriness and depression, offering flight rather than healing.

The results are proven by the spectacular success of the  Choice OS Workshops in Joshua Tree California (March 2017), in TierraMitica (June 2017), and in Belgium (September 2017), transforming the lives of every single participant. Check out the group reviews at the bottom of this page, left by people who volunteered to share their thoughts and feelings about the process they went through and the vision, inspiration and heart opening they acquired!

Choice OS workshops are happening throughout the year in TierraMitica, the mythic jungle paradise.
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We are also proudly offering Choice OS workshops in special locations around the world:

From March 22 until April 2nd, 2018 @ Joshua Tree National Park, California

Following the successful Choice OS of  March 2017, the workshop returns to the enchanting desert scenery of Joshua Tree National Park just 150 miles from Los Angeles in sunny California, from March 22nd to April 2nd, 2018! The entire secluded Witts Oasis Desert Complex is reserved for the 12 day Choice OS workshop, there are hot tubs, a swimming pool, fire pits, rooms with mountain or desert views and much more! You can check it out at

The program cost is $2990 USD, including everything from the moment you arrive plus our personal brand of loving care, excellent accommodation and gourmet meals the TierraMitica way. Early bird discount of 500 USD until January 1st 2018.

Register now for the Choice OS workshop in Joshua Tree National Park or contact us for more information!

Choice OS Joshua Tree National Park


From September 3rd until September 14th, 2018 @ The Island of Lesbos, Greece

For our second Choice OS workshop in Europe, we found a magical location in Greece, on the island of Lesbos! We have rented the whole of Agean Blue, a unique property. resting on a cliff top looking out over the Aegean Sea, with swimming pool and easy access to a remote beach, true paradise! You can check out the website of Aegean Blue right here:

The program cost is $2990 USD, including everything from the moment you arrive in Lesbos, plus our personal brand of loving care, excellent accommodation and gourmet meals the TierraMitica way. Early bird discount of $500 USD until the 1st of May 2018!

Register will be available soon for the Choice OS workshop in Lesbos, Greece or contact us for more information!


Choice OS workshop Greece


Curious about how this workshop affects people? Listen to what the participants themselves have to say in these group reviews!