Inspired Ever After

People who come to TierraMitica for workshops and start writing songs, poetry, paintings and even books! This page is dedicated to their works, all created by people who had never written songs or held a paintbrush, to show that inspiration and greatness is attainable for anybody who chooses to be inspired!

The TierraMitica theme song was created by Lars and Dani, aka 2Cute, after their Mythic Voyage, and we sing it proudly ever since! It is part of the album apptly called ‘Our Mythic Voyage’ they created in just a couple of months together, inspired by their journey in TierraMitica, listen to it here:

Or just download it and listen anytime, anywhere:

Paradise Dreamland (289 downloads)

The following song is also part of the 2cute album and is called, ‘gratitude’.

More of their songs will be uploaded soon!

Tomas Sakalys wrote several songs inspired by his Mythic Voyage, and they have been an inspiration for so many since! Watch his music videos on our Youtube channel!